Privacy Policy

As a requirement to the fulfillment of Shelter9's service to you, Shelter9 will request your personal information i.e name, contact number, email and any other information that may be necessary relative to the deliverance of the service advertised. All information will be collected with your consent in submission form.
Shelter9 will not disclose, share or publish your information with any 3rd parties and should such a situation arise then you will be contacted for authorization.

Refunds Policy

Our Refunds structure is structured in percentages and business days and are effective from Day 1, where 'Day 1' is the payment date. All percentages are calculated from the financial amount exchanged between you and Shelter9. You are entitled to a:

  • 100% Refund from Day 1 to Day 5
  • 75% Refund from Day 5 to Day 10
  • 0% Refund Thereafter.

The percentage deducted will account for the administration and preliminary labour initiated on the order.

Terms & Conditions

Upon deliverance of the product of the service via email handover or other related digital data transmission mediums, you (The client) will at that point be full owner of the output. Shelter9 will bear no liability or responsibility for any damages incurred after delivery unless an additional agreement between you and Shelter9 states otherwise. Website and Software Development services entail a montly subscription programme to facilitate the storage and hosting of data. Any failure to comply will result in the cancellation of the subscription only after 3 consecutive reminders have been communicated with you.